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Trilobites Olenus truncatus

Item number: Tri017

  • Fossils: Trilobites, Olenus truncatus BRÜNNICH 1781  
  • Formation: Upper Cambrian, Furongian, Paibian, Olenus Superzone, about 496 Million years old
  • Locality: Närke, Sweden
  • Size: about 1-1,1 cm long (Matrix: 13,5 x 9,5 cm)
  • signed certificate of authenticity included

Description: There are 3 specimens of the species Olenus truncatus on this slab of Upper Cambrian orsten limestone from Sweden . These limestones occur as concretions in the alum shale and were sorted out during the mining of the shale. This piece comes from an old collection from the 1980s. Fortunately, the piece was not prepared at that time, so that it could be prepared with modern preparation techniques recently.

The trilobites were carefully fine prepared and present themselves harmoniously on natural matrix.

As with all my fossils, this specimen comes with a signed certificate of authenticity confirming the fossil’s authenticity.