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About me

When I found a small, worn out belemnite on a beach walk when I was 15, I didn’t yet know where this find would take me. But the moment I picked up that fossil, a passion was started that continues to this day.

Eversince I devote myself to paleontology, as a fossil collector and soon after as a fossil preperator. Not the search and discovery in the open field, but the detailed work in the workshop, while looking through a binocular became my passion. Through friends and supportive collectors I was quick to learn and aquire new skills and my experience grew a lot over the years while preparing various different kinds of fossils. Trilobites always fascinated me especially and became my main field of expertise. What started in my parents garage, with the simpelest of tools, developed step by step and today I am happy to offer and present my preparation work to likeminded people with a passion and love for fossils, just like me.

I would be happy to help you with any questions concerning fossil preparation work and I would love to get in contact with fossil interested people.

Freitag-Fossils at the special exhibiton "Ammonite Masterpieces" in the Dinosaur Museum Altmühltal

15 years experience in preparation of fossils

Namesake of the trilobite Kettneraspis freitagi

Author/Editor at

Member of Gesellschaft für Geschiebekunde e.V.

Member of Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences