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Do you have a fossil in need of a quality preparation? Keep reading, you’re in the right place!

Simply contact me with a short description of the service you’re looking for and include a picture of the fossil you want prepared and any notes on ideas or wishes. I will check every inquiry immediately, lay out differnt ways to go about the specific preparation and we can decide together how we will proceed. You will be involved in every step of the preparation and I will send you regular updates on the progress.

Please note that there may be longer waiting times due to high demand.

My hourly fee for fossil preparation work is 49€ (incl. 19% VAT).

From as-found-condition to the finished showpiece:

I prepare your self-collected or purchased fossils. Including a complete photo documentation from the original state to the finish. You will be involved in the entire work process.

New shine for old preparations:

Some specimens were prepared years or even decades ago with old tools. Sometimes adhesions are crumbling due to years of oxidation and UV radiation. I bring your old preparations to new life. You will be surprised how much can be improved.

Your Fossil got damaged, fell down the shelf or is not complete?

In case of damages, broken-off parts or torn bondings you should not give up too fast! Many things can be saved, restored and sometimes even improved. If a fossil is not completely preserved, e.g. because something was lost in the field, a reconstruction can be useful, of course with documentation for a valid verification.

Estimate, expertise, expert report:

I will gladly examine your fossils and, if necessary, check their authenticity. You dont know exactly what kind of fossil you have or whether something has been restored or even added to the piece? I will provide an expert report.