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Trilobite Parasolenopleura cristata

Item number: Tri014

  • Fossil: Trilobite, Parasolenopleura cristata LINNARSSON 1877  
  • Formation: Lower middle Cambrian, Acadoparadoxides oelandicus Zone, Ölandicusmergel about 520 million years old
  • Locality: Öland, Sweden
  • Size: about 2,4 cm long (Matrix: 14 x 9,5 cm)
  • signed certificate of authenticity included
  • Price: on request

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Description: This trilobite is probably largely unknown due to its rarity. Parasolenopleura cristata comes from the “Ölandicus Mergel” of the island of Öland in Sweden. It is an old find from the 80s of the last century, which was prepared by me only recently. The site has not been accessible for several years, as it is located in a nature reserve. Almost all of the old finds were prepared at that time and are usually more or less badly damaged and covered with prep-marks. It is therefore a rare example of extreme luck that this piece remained untouched for about 4 decades and could now be adequately prepared using modern preparation techniques.

The majority of trilobites recovered from this site by far are exuviae without free cheeks. What is special about this specimen is that it is actually not an exuvia. Both free cheeks and pygidium are present and the trilobite is fully prone. It is probably one of the very few completely preserved specimens worldwide. The extremely well preserved calcite shell, which is very well inflated and with axial spines, is a special feature for the Middle Cambrian. The preparation of the present piece proved to be difficult, as the trilobite was relatively badly cracked. Individual areas therefore had to be transferred and/or secured. Minor missing parts, which occurred when the trilobite was found, were restored (see photos). The blunt tips of the posterior axial spines are authentic and could be pathological. Possibly the tips were torn off during a moult or were worn off during life.

As with all my fossils, this specimen is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.