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Crinoid Halocrinites

Item number: Fos-004

  • Fossil: Halocrinites schlotheimi granulosus SCHULTZE 1866  
  • Age: Middle Devonian, Givetian, about 385 Million years old
  • Locality: Eifel, Germany
  • Size: about 2,6 cm wide
  • Signed certificate of authenticity included 
  • Price: 120€ (incl. 19%VAT) plus Shipping

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Description: This fossil is an incredibly well preserved calyx of Halocrinites, one of the classic crinoids from the german Eifel. The fossil was painstakingly prepared in detail from the limestone. The inside of the calyx was also completely cleaned to reveal the internal structures. The attachment points for the five arms are clearly visible. The preparation was carried out carefully and in great detail with a microscope using airsribes, needles, scrapers and fine air abrasives. No restorations or reconstructions were carried out.

As with all my fossils, this specimen also comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, which confirms the authenticity of the fossil.