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Crayfish Antrimpos speciosus

Item number: Fos002

  • Fossil: Crayfish, Antrimpos speciosus MUENSTER 1839  
  • Formation: Upper Jurassic, Tithonian, about 150 mill. years old
  • Locality: Solnhofen area, Wegscheid, Altmühltal, Germany
  • Size: about 16 cm long if outstretched, without Antenna (Matrix: 39,5 x 23,5 cm)
  • signed certificate of authenticity included
  • Price: 960€ (incl. 19%VAT) plus Shipping

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Description: This crayfish is a very well preserved specimen of Antrimpos speciosus, one of the classic prawns from Solnhofen. Especially the deep colour of the shell is impressive and offers a great contrast to the plate. The fossil was prepared in about 18 hours of painstaking detail work from the limestone and presents itself harmoniously on a natural plate. Fossils from the Plattenkalk are not easy to prepare, as the shell can sometimes be very delicate. Without the necessary care, unattractive preparation marks or chipped shells are inevitable. The uncovering was done in detail and gently under the microscope with the help of fine airscribes, needles and scrapers. The plate was glued (whereby the cracks did not run through the crayfish) and a piece of the lower edge of the plate was placed to the left of the crab to achieve a more harmonious overall appearance (see photo). The antenna is weakly preserved and was therefore enhanced and partly modelled from the limestone. Apart from that, no further restorations or reconstructions were made (see especially photos with UV light).

As with all my fossils, this specimen is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.

The locality: The fossils of Solnhofen have always been among the classic and most sought-after fossils worldwide. Their excellent preservation and richness of species have inspired generations of fossil collectors. Probably the best-known and most important finds from the Altmühl Valley are the fossils of Archaeopteryx.